High Judicial Council (HJC) elections

(TAP)- The number of voters in the elections of the High Judicial Council (HJC) reached until 5 p.m. 6,275 voters, 46.9% of all registered voters, announced on Sunday, the Independent High Authority for the Elections ( ISIE).

According to the data revealed by the ISIE, the number of women, from different relevant sectors who participated in the vote stands at 2,093 women.

As regards the elections of administrative judges having the Deputy Adviser rank, the highest participation rate is for women with 62.3% while for the elections of representatives of the bailiffs, women were the least voting with a rate of 20.6%.

The rate of women lawyers participating in the vote reached 31.1%.

At the constituency level, the highest turnout was recorded in Kairouan with 63.6%, while the lowest was in the governorate of El Kef with 35.7%.

According to the categories concerned by the HJC elections, the lion’s share returned to the judges of the financial system with a rate of 94.2%. The lawyers are the least voting with only 37.1%.

The total number of registered voters, in the lists in the various sectors within the judiciary, concerned by the HJC composition, stands at 13,376 voters.

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