JCC 2016: Tunisian film “Zaineb hates the snow” of Khaouther Ben Hania awarded Golden Tanit

(TAP) – Tunisian film ” Zaineb n’aime pas la neige”  (Zaineb hates the snow) by Khaouther Ben Hania, “won the Golden Tanit of the official competition of feature films in the 27th edition of the Carthage Film Festival (JCC, October 28- November 5, 2016) whose awards were announced at the closing ceremony Saturday night at the Tunis Convention Centre.
The Silver Tanit was awarded in the same category in the feature film “Clash” of Mohamed Diab from Egypt while the Bronze Tanit was awarded to the feature film ” 3000 nuit”( 3000 Nights) by Mai Masri from Palestine.
In this same category of feature films, the Special Jury Prize was awarded to the film “The revolution will not be televised” by Rama Thiaw from Senegal.
The Tunisian film “The Last of Us” of Alaeddine Slim from Tunisia won the Golden Tanit of the Competition first work “Prize Tahar Cheriaa” and the prize of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) by best cameraman in Tunisian film was awarded to Amir Messaadi. The golden Tanit of short film competition was awarded to the film “Marabout” of byAlassane Sy from Senegal.
Here are the winners of the 27th edition of the Carthage Film Festival, where the Tunisian cinema ranked first by winning six awards, followed in second place by the Egyptian cinema after winning four awards at the fiftieth anniversary of the JCC:

Official Competition of Feature Films
Golden Tanit
“Zaineb hates snow” of by Khaouther Ben Hania Tunisia

Silver Tanit
“Clash” by Mohamed Diab from Egypt
Bronze Tanit
“3000 Nights” by Mai Masri from Palestine
Special jury award
“The revolution will not be televised” De Rama Thiaw from Senegal
Best Editing: Ahmed Hafez in the film “Clash” by Egyptian Mohamed Diab
Best image: Ahmed Jabr in the movie “Clash” by Egyptian Mohamed Diab
Best Music: Chkrrr group in the film “Chouf” by Tunisian Karim Dridi
Best Screenplay: “3000 Nights” by Palestinian Mai Masri
Best Actress: awarded to the two actresses Oulaya Amamra and Deborah Lukumuena in the film “Divine” by Moroccan Houda Benyamina
Best Actor: Foued Nabba in the film “Chouf” by Tunisian Karim Dridi
Competition First Work “Tahar Cheriaa Prize”
Golden Tanit
“The last of us” by Alaeddine Slim from Tunisia
Silver Tanit
“Now they can come” by Salem Brahimi from Algeria
Special Jury Award
“This little father obsession” by Salim Mourad from Lebanon
Best Actress
Fatima Harandi for her role in the film “A mile in my shoes” by Khallaf Said from Morocco
Best Actor
Majd Mastoura for his role in the film “nhebbek Hedi” by Tunisian Mohamed Ben Attia
Competition of short films
Golden Tanit
“Marabout” by Alassane Sy from Senegal
Silver Tanit
“Silence” by Chadi Aoun from Lebanon
Bronze Tanit
“Place for myself” by Mary Clementine from Rwanda
Carthage Film-Promise
Golden Tanit
“The guilt probability” byMichael Labarca from Venezuela
Special jury award
“The road of hope” by Mohamed Echkouna from Mauritania
Special mention
“Life’s eye” by Wafa Hussein from Egypt
The UGTT Prize:
Best cameraman in a Tunisian film Amir Messaadi in the movie “The Last of Us” by Alaeddine Slim

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