Trump hits Democrat strongholds

Florida has been considered a must-win state for Trump to get to 270 electoral votes – the number required to cross the finish line – but his campaign sees a way around that if they can take Michigan.

The midwestern state, which Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in a surprising primary upset, contains many blue collar workers who find Trump’s anti-free trade message appealing.

Trump will hold his final campaign rally in the state, in Grand Rapids, on Monday night at 23:00 local time, while President Obama will be in Ann Arbor earlier in the day where he will be introduced by Chelsea Clinton.

Donald Trump needs to win Florida, but may have a way around that if he can take Michigan.

Clinton had been pushing into red-leaning states, but is now retreating to her strongholds, as Trump goes on the offense.

There are 538 electoral votes at stake, with each state yielding a different reward.

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