Tunisia ranks 93rd on Legatum Prosperity Index, leading Maghreb countries

Tunisia is the most prosperous country in North Africa, it ranks eight places above the second most prosperous country in the region, Morocco.

It ranked 93th among the most prosperous countries in the world in 2016, according to the report published by “Legatum Prosperity Index,” on Thursday, November 3 by the Dubai-based Investment Company and Think Tank Legatum Institute.

Tunisia has the second smallest prosperity deficit in North Africa: it is slightly larger than Morocco’s but a great deal smaller than Algeria, Egypt, and Libya’s.

Tunisia stood ahead of Morocco (101th in the world) and Algeria (111th), which ranked third more prosperous Maghreb and North African country, ahead of Libya and Egypt.

At the Arab level, Tunisia was ranked sixth. It came behind the U.A.E. listed in the first position in the Arab world by ranking 41st, Qatar 46th, Bahrain 67th and Oman and Kuwait 70th and 71st, respectively.

Western European countries are topping the ranking. New Zealand, Finland and Norway are the three most prosperous countries in the world topping the ranking.  New Zealand ranks first, ahead of Norway and Finland. The UK is 10th, France 18th and the US 17th.

African countries are at the bottom of the ranking along with conflict-affected countries in the Middle East, namely Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Central African Republic, Afghanistan and Yemen.

The Legatum Prosperity Index offers a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing accross the world.

Legatum is a global private investment firm with a 30-year heritage of long-term value creation.


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