US Elections: the lesson we learn

Even the most optimistic of Trump supporters might not strongly believe that his candidate would make it and win the presidential elections in America. The Republican candidate was under attack from all sides, even ex-Republican president George Bush the son who voted for Hilary Clinton. Not only was he attacked from Americans but also from people from all over the world except the Russian President Putin.

Donald trump was harshly criticized by media from the very beginning of the primaries. The man was shown in a very degrading positions and he was most often caricatured. In many cases they focused on his gestures and facial expressions rather than on what he says.

As for the verbal performance, Trump was among the worst candidates who run for the presidency in the history of the US. Trump attacked everybody: Americans, immigrants, blacks, Hispanics, Jewish, Muslims….  He accused Mexicans of drug trafficking, arms trading and gang forming. Muslims were also charged of being terrorists and he claimed that they must be banned from entering the United States. He went much further when he asked for putting Muslims who are already in America under control by fixing special codes on their hands and supervising all their movements.

Despite all these facts he won. Some people kept saying that trump would win simply because he was adopting a different discourse while others claimed that Americans need change and they would choose a Republican. Whatever the reason behind his victory, still there are some conclusions that we can draw from this unprecedented American election. First, we can say that although many people think that Americans can easily be manipulated by mass media and public opinion polls, they proved that they can freely decide by themselves without any interventions. Moreover, American elections demonstrated that you can never build your electoral campaign on the basis of attacking the adversary.  Americans also confirmed that they are very pragmatic. They never care about well elaborate discourses. What matters them most is real facts.

Donald trump can succeed in boosting American economy, improving American foreign policy and solving local social crisis. However, he can also lead America to destruction if he goes further on his announced plans mainly regarding immigrants and Hispanics. We should not forget that many people are saying that Trump is Putin’s candidate and likewise, he can be the Russian president’s card to let America fall.

Ramzi Rhimi

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