Fadhel Abdelkefi denies devaluation of Tunisian dinar

In an interview with the French weekly “La Tribune”, Minister of Investment, Development and International Cooperation Fadhel Abdelkefi refuted the idea of a devaluation of the Tunisian dinar.

“Never!”, He replied to a question in this sense of the journalist, explaining “we have experienced an implicit competitive devaluation, not an administrative devaluation” thus refuting the alarm signal sent by the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE ) in its last report.

In fact, the IACE asked whether the Central Bank of Tunisia would not follow its Egyptian colleague who devalued its currency. According to the latter, the possibility that the Central Bank of Tunisia could decide a floating exchange rate – as advocated by the IMF – could subsequently prompt the institution to proceed with the devaluation of the Tunisian dinar.

On the economic situation in Tunisia, Fadhel Abdelkefi said to be “pragmatic”. In two months, he said that the government has managed to restart the phosphate “which had been down for 4 years”, to solve the problem of Petrofac and no longer have ships in view in the port of Rades.

According to the Minister of Investment, Tunisia 2020 will provide the opportunity to “restore the economic image of Tunisia in the Mediterranean basin”, making the link between Europe and Africa by setting up Hubs in different sectors like health, textile, tourism…

Fadhel Abdelkefi laid emphasis on the role of the emergency economic law which will facilitate private investment: “You now have only one interlocutor, it is our Ministry”, he said, indicating that this will facilitate the administrative steps for those wishing to settle in Tunisia.


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