IVD starts Thursday public hearings

(TAP) – The Truth and Dignity Commission (French: IVD) starts on Thursday at the Elyssa club in Sidi Bou Said, from 8:30 pm, public hearings of victims of human rights violations.

The Objective is to inform the general public about the types of violations suffered by the victims, their historical context and the nature of the violation.

Violations committed between 1955 and 2013. A period that the IVD divided into 18 cycles corresponding to the crises and tensions that the country has experienced and which have caused victims, starting with the overthrow of the bey regime.

These days will be the crowning of nearly six months of work and preparation, according to Commission President Sihem Ben Sedrine.

An event described as a turning point in the history of Tunisia, according to the people concerned by the transitional justice.

According to them, it is a step towards the completion of the process of transitional justice, which must first reveal the truth and be accountable before reconciliation, reparation and reform of institutions, and finally preservation of collective memory and rewriting of history.

The testimonies of the victims are not just stories. It is a national event and a part of the history of Tunisia that will be documented and safeguarded, explains the IVD which specifies that to do justice to the victims does not mean to take revenge of the torturers.

The International Centre for Transitional Justice defines transitional justice as a process of achieving justice in transition period, conflict and state despotism. Besides, it is recognition of the rights of the victims, it encourages civil confidence and strengthens the supremacy of the law and democracy.

Nearly 1, 000 people are expected to attend the two-day public hearing sessions. Presidents of similar Commissions from several countries and foreign diplomats will take part in the event.

IVD also invited the President of the Republic, the Parliament Speaker and the Prime Minister.


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