Tunisia will no longer tolerate violations of human rights, says Ben Sedrine

(TAP) – “Tunisia will no longer tolerate violations of human rights,” said Sihem Ben Sedrine, President of the Truth and Dignity Committee (French:IVD) on Thursday in Tunis on the occasion of the start of the first public hearings of the victims of serious human rights violations committed between 1955 and 2013.
“This is a landmark event in the history of Tunisia,” said Ben Sedrine at the opening of the hearing sessions adding that this day is of major importance not only for the Tunisians but also for the whole world.
Ben Sedrine said that the hearings organized by the Committee aim to inform the public opinion on the dictatorship of the state which spared no political family. “It is legitimate today to question the transfer of state institutions into a terrible tool of dictatorship,” she underlined.
Two years and half after its establishment, the Truth and Dignity Committee had received over 65,000 complaints. Some 12,000 hearings were held in closed session, six of which were selected to be presented, this Thursday, said Ben Sedrine.
The first public hearings of victims of human rights violations started Thursday evening at the “Elyssa” club in Sidi Bousaid, northern suburb of Tunis.
According to the president of the IVD, the choice of this place, symbol of the private evenings of former first lady of Tunisia, Leila Ben Ali, was inspired by the German experience that judged the Nazis in the key places of Nazism.


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