Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment encourages university graduates to create jobs (Moakhar)

Minister of Local Affairs and Environment Riadh Moakhar announced that his department adopted the national programme to encourage university graduates to create jobs launched at the initiative of the Ministry of Public Works.

The Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment has adopted a similar three-year programme to create projects in the field of cleanliness and use of plants worth 4 Million dinars.

Besides, the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment is about to adopt a new policy of collecting construction waste for a fee. The aim is to encourage citizens not to get rid of them in the street, said Moakhar, at a press briefing on Wednesday in Tunis.

He announced the adoption of a “processing approach for construction waste, some of which will be used in projects under the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Spatial Planning.

This operation will encourage the emergence of a new industry capable of encouraging private investment and speeding up the creation of projects, Moakhar further specified.

The cost of collecting construction waste would be 7 dinars per square meter.

The minister also announced the opening of the sector of recycling and recovery of waste to the private sector, through the production and sale of clean energy (gas and electricity) to the Tunisian electricity and gas company (STEG).

The period of concession contracts will range between 10 and 15 years, said Moakhar, adding that his department is currently working to develop specifications specialising in these concessions. This document will be ready in two years, he further said.

The Minister reminded that an awareness-raising campaign will be launched to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment.



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