State Department Terrorist Designations of Abdullah Ahmed al-Meshedani, Basil Hassan, and Abdelilah Himich

In a recent press released, U.S  Department of State has designated Abdullah Ahmed al-Meshedani, Basil Hassan, and Abdelilah Himich as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

As regards Abdelilah Himich the press release underlined that

Abdelilah Himich, also known as Abu Sulayman al-Faransi, is a senior foreign terrorist fighter and external operations figure for the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) and SDGT group, ISIL.

Himich created the Tariq Ibn Ziyad Battalion in 2015, a European foreign terrorist fighter cell that has provided operatives for ISIL attacks in Iraq, Syria, and abroad; at one time the battalion numbered as many as 300 members.

The statement revealed that Himich was also reportedly involved in the planning of ISIL’s November 2015 Paris attacks and March 2016 Brussels attacks.

In addition, this statement coincide with the appear of this terrorist in a new Video released by ISIL as the successor of the masked Mohamed  Amwesi nicknamed  the “Jihidi john”  known by his inflammatory speech and his execution brutal slaughter of foreign hostages.

Besides, the news surfaced on Himich as coincided with arrest of number of Moroccan nationality terrorists, two of them arrested in Spain Wednesday. These issues covered in Morocco press with great interest.






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