HAICA reports audiovisual media profile of parties

The Independent High Broadcasting Authority (French/HAICA) released today its periodic report on political pluralism in Audiovisual Media for the first quarter  of 2016.

This study conducted by HAICA showed that parties represented in the House of the People’s Representatives (HPR) recorded the highest rate in television channels, followed by the government , the parties not represented in HPR as well as the  Presidency of the Republic occupies the last rank.

However, Ennahdha party is at the top of political parties present in television channels followed by Nida Tounes and the Popular Front.

Such periodic report  issued by HAICA  aims to  shape a clear vision to Tunisian viewers of the different ideas and political orientations, besides the demonstration of  the commitment degree of the audiovisual institutions for the professional rules governing the sector that ensure press freedom and reinforcing the principle of pluralism…

As regards Radios, the parties represented in the HPR   are the most present followed by the government and parties not represented in HPR, while Presidency of the Republic occupied the last place.

The report is posted in the Independent High Broadcasting Authorit website.


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