SNJT president sends letter of protest to Dean of Tunisian Order of Lawyers

Neji Bghouri President of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) addressed a correspondence on Thursday December 8, in which he focused on the tensions erupted between the lawyers and the journalists. He pointed out that” the dignity of journalists is a red line that must not be crossed”.

Such a speech is not strange from Bghouri who is committed for defending all the journalists in such cases by protecting them from any aggression.

It is worth reminding in these crucial circumstances, the historical coexistence between journalists and lawyers during decades, sharing the same goals especially in tough time.

We witnessed for a long time a good relation devoted by their institutions, it was a contributing factor for both sides.

Despite a significant change that Tunisia is going through, this relation remains over the years bright and solid. But what happened recently has raised fears of rift in this relation between the two structures which they are struggling together in order to ensure rights and freedoms on the ground.

Everyone in both sides knows that was a long arduous process of struggle. Therefore we wish that nothing will undermine these ties between journalists and lawyers because there is no interest for both parties for continuing this dispute under the foggy future, which needs respect and solidarity between the two most important components of civil society.

As a Dean of the National Order of Tunisian Lawyers known by his seriousness, Ameur Meharzi will be realistic to tackle this urgent problem and to cooperate with Neji Bghouri so as to find a common ground of understanding and to overcome this crisis, because ignoring this issue and not to take any explicit and firm position will help to undermine the special relation, which we do not wish.

We hope that tempers will be calm as soon as possible.

Ben Rhouma Chedli



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