The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein in a new book

‘You are going to find it is not so easy to govern Iraq”

According to daily Mail , the ex-CIA analyst John Nixon, the first US interrogator to get his hands on Saddam Hussein, told the story of Hussein’s first moments in capture in the book ‘Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein,’ slated for release on December 27.

Fresh off his capture, Hussein remained arrogant, perhaps not yet realizing he was done, said Nixon.

He stared me down with ‘such murderous’ loathing, it was ‘frightening even though he was under lock and key.’ He added.

‘When was the last time you saw your sons alive?’ Nixon asked Hussein.

Who are you guys?’ Saddam replied. ‘Are you military intelligence? Answer me. Identify yourselves.’

Nixon was tasked with identifying Saddam before the news of his capture could be released — which he did by an old bullet wound and two tribal tattoos.

He said that Saddam was arrogant at first but slowly revealed he knew little about what his regime was up to, as he spent his time away from governance.

‘Saddam appeared to be as clueless about what was happening inside Iraq as his British and Americans enemies were,’ Nixon added.

Nixon Alleged that Saddam “was inattentive to what his government was doing and had no real plan to prepare for the defense of Iraq.’

He also revealed that Saddam Hussein remained adamant that he did not plot to kill President George H.W. Bush after the Persian Gulf War — and looked satisfied when he heard bombings outside, thinking his supporters may be winning the skirmish outside.

‘You are going to fail,’ Saddam said back then. ‘You are going to find it is not so easy to govern Iraq.’

In fact, it is difficult to rule Iraq which stained much blood in its territory.










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