RiskMap2017: security risk presented as low in Tunisia

The security risk was presented as low in Tunisia, medium in Algeria and high in Libya by the Risk Map, which serves as a guide to political and business risk and an important reference for policy makers and business leaders.

Risks, a specialist risk consultancy, published its annual study on trends in global risk and security, The Risk Map, which ranks Morocco as one of the most secure and politically stable countries for business in Africa and the first in the Maghreb region.

The RiskMap deems that the key risks for businesses in 2017 lie in populism exemplified by president-elect Trump and Brexit, persistent terrorist threats, increasing complexity of cyber security, intensifying geopolitical pressures driven by nationalism, global power vacuums and proxy conflicts and the militarization of strategic confrontations by accident or miscalculation.

“The unexpected US election and Brexit referendum results that caught the world by surprise have tipped the balance to make 2017 one of the most difficult years for business’ strategic decision making since the end of the Cold War,” Richard Fenning, CEO, Control Risks, said.

MNHN (North Africa Post)

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