Angela Merkel: You deserve being a prominent leader despite the pain

As Tunisian citizen reared on coexistence and respect for others whatever the difference with them, I apologize on behalf of all Tunisian peace-lovers, for the heinous and inhuman attacks  on innocent people in Berlin or in any place in the world.

Such busting and painful terrorism incidents on German soil impact negatively on the popularity of Chancellor Angela Merkel who remains an example for entire world of rigor, responsibility and humanity.

We remind that when some European leaders closed their borders to asylum seekers and felt proud of their unfair decision, without feeling the tragedies of those refugees, Merkel opened her country to tormented souls who left their homeland under duress and took her responsibility as great politician to protect escapees from the Syrian hell especially, therefore she earned the respect and admiration of the people around the world as well as prominent politicians.

History lessons taught us that when more European leaders have left power or passes away, history did not remember them but it   will remember Merkel who shared human history with other onerous crossers with kids and elders looking for shelters under any sky.

We hope that leader Merkel remains stronger in these difficult circumstances because history will remember her hard humanitarian decisions whose negative repercussions is exploited by some politicians living of sorrows and tragedies.

Ben Rhouma Chedly

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