Tunisians against return of those who joined ranks of jihadist groups in hotbeds of tension

Tunisian women shout slogans during a demonstration outside the House of the People’s Representatives (HPR-parliament) in Bardo, Tunis, against allowing Tunisians who joined the ranks of jihadist groups in hotbeds of ¬†tension to return to the country.
They wave banderoles written in Arabic : ”No to terrorism”.

Men and women, young and old, students, teachers, journalists and lawyers gathered, Saturday in front of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) to express their categorical refusal of the return of Tunisians from hotbeds of tension. They also pleaded against any transformation of Tunisia into a breeding ground for terrorism through the “law of repentance.”

Tunisian people massed at the call of The Tunisian Citizens’ Collective, a group of Tunisian Internet users on Facebook, supported by more than thirty associations, according to Sami Handous, one of the organisers of the protest.

“All concerned, all threatened,” “No to terrorism,” “No freedom for terrorist groups,” “Why are Tunisia’s rulers afraid ?,” these are the slogans shouted by protesters. Many voices have been raised to denounce the state policy on this issue. Others have directly accused party leaders and political figures of being behind the sending of young people into hotbeds of tension.

The protesters were divided between those who refuse the return of terrorists and those who accuse certain political parties of wanting to sow terror in Tunisia by welcoming these terrorists.



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