Italian police searches linked to Amri Italy jail contacts

According to ANSA Italian police carried out today raids in connection with contacts Berlin Christmas market killer Anis Amri had while in jail for four years in Italy, sources said. One search took place near Latina south of Rome, they said.
Police said the searches were carried out against persons in radical Islamist circles. Amri, 24, who killed 12 people in Berlin on December 19 and was shot dead by Italian police near Milan December 23, is believed to have been radicalised while in an Italian jail, underlined ANSA.

ANSA revealed that Italy sent Germany a large dossier on Berlin Christmas market terror killer Anis Amri on February 17, intelligence sources said Wednesday, denying a German TV report that the dossier had been sent the other way.

Likewise, ANSA reported that earlier Wednesday German police arrested a Tunisian national in southern Berlin believed to have been involved in the attack.

In addition to Germany and Italy, there are many European security authorities are working to trace the path of Anis Amri on their territories.


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