BBC PANORAMA: Chamseddine sendi ”Mastermind” of Tunisia beach terrorist attack

BBC’s Panorama investigations return to the issue of the attack by a gunman in the Sousse beach in June 2015 by revealing that Chamseddine sendi is the ”Mastermind” of the terrorist attack, according to  private documents obtained by the programme, which proved that Saif eddine Rezgui the author of the scene of the killing in Sousse “was recruited by Sendi”,  who “runs militant cell responsible for the Sousse  and  the Bardo National Museum attack.
The Tunisian Authority issued several arrest warrants against Sendi for his involvement in these two attacks and found out many data on this terrorist who frequented for many years the nearby mosque of his residence in “al Intilaka neighbourhood, which hosted several extremists among them perpetrators of the terrorist attack on the presidential bus in the Tunisian capital and the Bardo National Museum attack, also the mosque hosted many extremist preachers like the Egyptian Wajdi Guneem.
 The Panorama programme pointed out that Sendi’s involvement in the attacks is revealed for the first time.
But it is worth reminding that Tunisian security forces who are acting with discretion, seriousness on this issue, are focusing their efforts on completing their researches professionally, and will reveal many realities as regards all the terrorists involved in such terrorist crimes.


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