Ras Jedir: Tunisian-Libyan agreement on resumption of movement of goods in coming days

A meeting held between two Tunisian and Libyan delegations on Friday in Ras Jedir led to an agreement on the gradual resumption of the movement of goods through the Ras Jedir border crossing during the next three or four days, pending an inter-Libyan meeting Saturday, January 14, 2017, governor of Medenine, Taher Matmati told TAP.

The governor showed optimism about the resumption of activity at the Ras Jedir crossing point, saying it should favour the continuation of negotiations on regulatory formalities with the Libyan Government of National Accord.

The meeting was attended by the Governor of Medenine, a representative of the consular affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and two deputies, on the Tunisian side and representatives of the customs and border police in Ras Jedir, on the Libyan side.


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