Tunisia: Launch of new phase of “Moussanada” Fund

In an effort to coordinate support for reforms and development in Tunisia, the World Bank, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the EU and Tunisia launched on Thursday 12 January 2017, in Tunis

the second phase of the Moussanada Fund to support the Tunisian government in its reforms, particularly modernization of the financial sector, strengthening of governance and support to local authorities for the successful implementation of decentralization.

The launch took place on Thursday, January 12, 2017 in Tunis, in the presence of the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Fadhel Abdelkefi.It is a fund with a current value of nearly 23 million dinars, or $ 10 million launched in 2014 under the impetus of Swiss cooperation and the World Bank. In the second phase of “Moussanada”, the United Kingdom and the EU joined the other donors in coordinating development support in Tunisia.

The first phase of the Fund, 2014-2016, financed several technical assistance projects for a total of nearly 6 million dinars, or nearly 3 million dinars, in particular in the public Administration and governance with projects to strengthen the internal audit capacity of the administration and evaluation of the management of local public finances.

This phase provided financing for a total of almost $ 3 million of technical assistance projects in Tunisia, particularly in the public sector with the reform of the boards of directors while setting up projects to increase the internal audit capacities of the administration and evaluation of the management of the public finances.

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