Tunisia tops African and Arab countries in innovation

Innovation. Here, at least, is a sector where flashes are not red, in this post-revolutionary Tunisia with a thousand evils. Indeed according to the “Bloomberg Innovation Index 2017”,

Tunisia is in the Top 50 of the most innovative nations in the world. It is ranked 45th and is even better than in 2016. Indeed, slightly better, a place won, but in view of the many disappointments of the country, this is good.

The big satisfaction for Tunisia this year is undoubtedly its first position in Africa and the Arab world, ahead of Morocco (50th).

In detail, out of 78 countries, Tunisia scored 46.79 points in the 2017 index of innovation on a global scale.

It should be noted that the ranking is based on 7 indicators, namely dynamic research and development (45 points), manufacturing value added (39 points), productivity (49 points), high-tech 39 points), the performance of the tertiary sector (35 points), the density of researchers (38 points) and the patenting activity (46 points).

South Korea holds the top spot in the ranking, followed by Sweden and Germany.

Switzerland and Finland finish the Top 5. The US, despite its impressive armada in new technologies (Google, Facebook, Apple …), have to settle for a ninth place, just ahead of Israel, 10th.

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