Tunisia: industrial investment rises 45.7%, a first since 2011!

Industrial investment reported to the Agency for Industry and Innovation (API) has increased by 45.7% in 2016, according to the latest statistics revealed to African Manager.

Despite the difficult situation experienced by Tunisia in recent years, reported projects have reached 3,854, totaling 3,821.2 million dinars allowing to generate 57,205 jobs.

By sector, an increase of 111.4% was recorded in the mechanical and electrical industries sector, with investments of the order of 693.7 MD.

The agri-food industry sector is also on the rise. The reported investments have already reached 1,472.1 MD, which represents an increase of 75%.

For investments in projects costing more than 5 MTD, they went up by 82.3%, from 1,266.8 MTD in the year 2015 to 2,308.8 MTD in the year 2016.

Moreover, 100% foreign industrial investments increased by 36.6%, from 783.2 MTD in 2015 to 1,070.1 MTD in 2016.

This increase is mainly due to the rise recorded in the 100% foreign projects whose investments went up by 77.2%.

This upward trend has also been seen at the level of fully exporting industries. According to the statistics, the reported investments grew by 32.9% reaching 1,166.0 MTD.

For industries whose production is oriented towards the local market, they increased by 52.1% from 1,745.7 MTD to 2,655.2 MTD during the same period.

In the same vein, reported investments in regional development areas increased by 64.6%, totaling 2,093.2 MTD.

The share of these areas in all the governorates increased from 48.5% to 54.8% during the year 2016.

Same for reported service projects where the amount of reported investment rose from 1,406.8 MTD in 2015 to 1,628.9 MTD In 2016, thus posting an increase of 15.8%.

The number of reported projects grew from 9,292 to 10,012 in 2016, up 7.7%, generating 40,629 jobs.

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