Italian MEDI master trains Tunisian experts in migration, diploma ceremony to take place 27/1

The Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis in conjunction with Lazio Region training service Eyes will be awarding diplomas in its MEDI master’s program in cultural mediation in a ceremony January 27 in Tunis, together with a conference organised by the Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTICI).

The MEDI master’s degree aims to train experts in migration and intercultural relations to work in public institutions, non-profits, NGOs, and private companies in research, orientation, programme planning, service management, and monitoring.

The work objective will be the evolution of integration and the development of commercial networks in the Mediterranean, with a focus on new abilities and roles that can make integration effective and sustainable, according to a principle of valuing diversity as a factor for wealth and growth.

During the ceremony, course participants will present projects they developed during their studies that identify ways to make their projects operative.

They will also lead discussion with their professors about how to replicate initiatives already being used in the field.

As part of their course work, students developed concrete ideas for creating and distributing tools and best practices that can be employed in Tunisia in both institutional and non-institutional partnerships.

CTICI said the presentation aims to consolidate the belief that investment in human capital – both through training and specialisation courses as well as work experience in the field – is essential for creating Euro-Mediterranean “brains”.

Italian Ambassador to Tunisia Raimondo De Cardona will be present at the January 27 ceremony.



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