Ghannouchi: “Bouteflika asked me to play role of mediation with the Islamists Libyans”

President of the Tunisian Ennahdha movement Rached Ghannouchi revealed in an interview published Saturday by Algerian Arabic news website Al-khabar, that a meeting between, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt is expected to be held soon in Tunisia to pave the way, if all goes well as hoped and expected, to a summit in Algeria between the three presidents, Bouteflika , Eessebsi and Al-Sissi  to find a regional solution for the current crisis Libya is going through.

He also revealed that president Bouteflika asked him to make efforts in this regard especially in his relations with the Islamists in Libya, as they play a positive role to solve the crisis and provide possible concessions.

As regards the Egyptian rejection of  the Libyan Islamic parties to take   part in the solution, Ghannouchi  underlined that it is true that the Egyptian regime has a problem with  Islamists but, he pointed out,   Algeria  has succeed to convince Egyptians  that any solution should not exclude anyone , and  the political clashes between the regime and Islamists in Egypt remain there in Egypt.

Ghannouchi explains in this interview the difficulty posed by the idea of dialogue with the armed terrorists currently in Tunisia because of the lack of maturity with such an idea in Tunisia.




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