Whistleblowers feted in Tunisia call for more protection

Efforts by Tunisian whistleblowers to reveal unjust and illegal activities related to corruption do not go unnoticed.

On Friday, ten whistleblowers were awarded in a colourful ceremony in the capital Tunis amid calls for more protection.

Nine years ago, Tunisia ratified a UN Convention Against Corruption which encourages countries to incorporate appropriate measures into their domestic legal system to provide protection against any unjustified treatment of those who expose corruption.

In January 2014, legislators in the country adopted a new constitution which has been hailed for its progressive nature. However, in matters of freedom of speech, opinion and information it contains only a broadly defined clause of the matter.

“The most difficult was of course the bill introduced by Government. And it was in the parliamentary discussions and within the committees that it was done. So, we are expecting this to be discussed in a plenary session and we think it will be … good but it is not for me to put forward a date but I think it will be in the course of this month of February,” said Chawki Tabib, Head, Tunisia National Anti-Corruption Agency.

Six years after the revolution, corruption has been a vice that has hampered economic growth in the north African country.

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