Tunisia to investigate nationals fighting in war zones

Tunisia’s parliament has voted to draw up a fact-finding committee tasked with investigating networks that allegedly recruit Tunisian youth for conflicts in the Middle East.

In a Tuesday vote, 132 MPs voted in favor of the proposed committee while one voted against and another abstained.

Earlier this month, Interior Minister Hedi Majdoub put the number of Tunisians currently fighting in various war zones at just shy of 3,000.

In December, Majdoub stated that 3,970 Tunisian nationals had been barred from traveling to war zones in 2016 alone.

The minister went on to assert that as many as 800 Tunisian militants had recently returned home from conflicts abroad.

Foreign media reports have estimated that some 5,500 Tunisians are now taking part in ongoing conflicts in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

They have also suggested that Tunisian nationals account for most of the foreigners now fighting for the Daesh terrorist group.


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