Tunisia tops North Africa countries in Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017

Tunisia was ranked 77th worldwide According to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017 (GTCI) in a sample of 118 countries and first in the North Africa region of in terms of its talents’ attractiveness and competitiveness.

The GTCI was launched January 16, 2017, by the Business School for the World (INSEAD). It assesses how countries grow, attract and retain talent and is a tool to help devise strategies to stimulate Competitiveness in terms of talent.

During this 4th edition whose theme is “Talent and Technology: Shaping the Future of Work,” “Tunisia ranked relatively better in the pillars of talent retention and the provision of professional and technical skills and mainly regarding general knowledge and human resources,” according to a press release by INSEAD) issued Tuesday, jointly with the Adecco Group and the Human Capital Leadership Institute of Singapore (HCLI).

It adds that the country held “a weak position in the pillars of skill development and talent attraction.”

Switzerland and Singapore occupy the top spots in GTCI 2017, with four Nordic countries in the top 10 (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway). The United Kingdom and the United States rank third and fourth respectively.

High ranking countries share key traits, including educational systems that meet the needs of the economy, employment policies that favor flexibility, mobility and entrepreneurship, and high connectedness of stakeholders in business and government, the same source specified.

The United Arab Emirates ranked 19th, Qatar 21st, Saudi Arabia 42nd, Bahrain 47th, Kuwait 57th, Jordan 58th, Oman 59th, Lebanon 62nd, Egypt 88th, Morocco 96th and Algeria 107th.

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