Libyan Economy Ministry slams embargo on exporting vegetables for two months

The Foreign Commerce and International Cooperation Department of the Libyan Ministry of Economy banned exporting vegetables from Libya for two months to balance the prices in the market.

The Head of the Foreign Commerce and International Cooperation Department, Ahmed Al-Ekari, told the Head of the Customs Department that they banned Tuesday the exportation of veggies for two months as they notices a hike in their prices in the markets due to transporting the veggies to neighboring countries.

Days ago, the Head of the Ras Jedir border security, Mohammed Jarrafa, said that “the salves of the dinar” from Libya and Tunisia have by taking them into Tunisia, taking advantage of the drop of the exchange rates of the dinar.

“Prices of vegetables have seen unprecedented increase due to growth of smuggling attempts to Tunisia.” He added.

Meanwhile, the Tunisian Minister of Industry, Ziyad Al-Edari, admitted in press statements that his country resorted to importing from Libya to support the production and supply in their markets, adding that the prices of vegetables and fruits in Tunisia are tied to climate conditions like cold and other issues related to farmers.

“About 20 tons of vegetables are being imported from Libya every day.” He indicated.

Libyan Observer

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