Mehdi Jomaa announces intention to form a new political party

Former Premier  Mehdi Jomaa announced, Sunday at a meeting in Monastir, his intention to form a new political party.

In a statement to local media, Jomaa said he is preparing to launch a new political project based on a popular and participatory approach, with a clear vision for the country.

This project, he explained, is a real alternative to answer the crucial questions of Tunisians, contribute to the improvement of their living conditions and consolidate the place of Tunisia and its influence on the regional and international scene .

“Tunisia is able to emerge from the current crisis by adopting a vision for the future which takes into account all potential and capacities of its own and mobilizes the State in the service of the country,” said Mehdi Jomaa.

According to the former Prime Minister , Tunisia is full of skills and must be exploited. This, he said, requires deep reforms, investment in human capital and the training of young people.

Jomaa stressed the importance of creating opportunities and opening up new horizons, calling on young people to take interest in politics, defend their future and take advantage of technological change.
The meeting in Monastir is part of a tour that Mehdi Jomaa performs in several regions of the country to inquire about the concerns of the citizens, and recently announced his return to the political scene.


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