Tunisia: significant increase in job offers in several sectors in 2016

Job offers have recorded a noticeable increase in the textile and clothing sectors (13.5%), tourism (10.8%), trade (4.6%), transport (41.8%) and administrative services (21.1%), compared with 2015, according to the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment.

The manufacturing sector and the service sector still account for the largest share of job vacancies in January 2017, accounting for 55.6% and 39% of total job offers, respectively.

With regard to active employment programs, the number of beneficiaries reached 123,885 in 2016, of which 51.5% received vocational training courses (SIVP), up 14.4% compared with 2015 .

As for the number of beneficiaries of these programs, as of January 23, 2017, it amounts to 5,603 of which 64% under the SIVP contracts.

In addition, as part of the “Forsati” program launched in January 2016, 3762 information courses were organized for the benefit of 40,461 registrants, with a attendance rate exceeding 57%.

Some 34,449 enrolled in the program also benefited from personalized services and 10,403 private interviews. In addition, 26,198 contracts were signed for program participants, of which 7346 were signed during the month of January.

The Forsati program offers support to help the student to identify his / her future professional project, as well as additional training in languages and information and communication technologies and skills development adapted to the needs of the labor market.

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