When I met Ismail Hamdani in Tunisia

Algerian politician and former Prime Minister Ismail Hamdani passed away Monday night at the age of 86.

The deceased took office during the reign of the two presidents Lamine Zeroual and President Abdellaziz Bouteflika from 15 December 1998 to 23 December 1999.

Hamdani who had held several senior positions in the state, was prime minister during his period. The law on civil peace helped Algeria to exceed its bloody tragedy.

I met him in Tunisia few days after he left power and was succeeded by Ahmed Ben Bitour, Financial Minister at that time.

At the Africa hotel I made an interview with him, in which he focused on the bloody years experienced by Algeria.

He was proud that his government approved the draft law on civil peace (French: concorde civile) which was announced in this difficult circumstances by President Abdellaziz Bouteflika in a press conference from Switzerland.

It stipulated partial amnesty for armed Islamists and he was proud that Algerians voted overwhelmingly in favour of the referendum on this law.

Ismail Hamdani was among the prominent politicians in the region who served his country during the critical period and he remained humble and courteous with those he met.

Ben Rhouma Chedly


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