About twenty Tunisian economic operators prospecting in Cameroon

Since this past 8 February, a delegation of about twenty Tunisian economic operators has been visiting Cameroon, as part of the multi-sector business mission, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Arts of Cameroon (CCIMA) announced. The mission ended on 13 February 2017, we learned.

Organised by the Tunisian Ambassador in Cameroon, with the support from some Tunisian consular Chambers, this mission consisted in meetings between Tunisian and Cameroon economic operators. These meetings took place in Douala, the economic capital of the country, as well as Yaoundé, the political capital.

Commercial exchanges between Tunisia and Cameroon, having reached 20 million Euros (approximately FCfa 13 billion) in 2010, have been gradually increasing for some years, with the dynamization of the cooperation between the two countries. These exchanges should improve with the opening of a route by Tunisair, the Tunisian airline, announced in the Cameroonian sky since 2014.

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