Tunis Declaration for comprehensive political settlement in Libya

Following a meeting of Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt’s foreign ministers held on February 19 and 20, 2017 to reach a comprehensive political settlement in Libya, the Tunis Declaration supports the inter- Libyan consensual proposals for implementing the Skhirat Agreement concluded on December 17, 2015.

According to the text of the Declaration adopted on Monday, these proposals provide for the introduction of amendments and improvements to the Skhirat agreement to ensure their implementation.

The signatories of this Declaration reaffirm the commitment to pursue reconciliation efforts, as part of an Inter-Libyan Dialogue, without any exclusion.

Assisted by Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt and sponsored by the United Nations, the Dialogue must include all the Libyan protagonists, all orientations and all affiliations included.

“The Libyan protagonists must be ready to find political solutions and must in no way be involved in terrorist acts,” the statement said.

The Tunis Declaration, read out by Tunisian Foreign Minister Khemaïes jhinaoui today at the Carthage Palace, reaffirmed opposition to any military option or foreign interference in the internal affairs of Libya.

“The settlement of the crisis in Libya can only be between Libyans,” said the document.

The Declaration also provides for the guarantee of the unity of the civil institutions of the Libyan State (Presidential Council, Chamber of Deputies and State Higher Council), in accordance with the political agreement.

It also stresses the imperative to guarantee the unity of the Libyan army on the basis of the provisions of the Libyan political agreement so as to enable it to fully assume its mission in the preservation of Libya’s security as well as in the fight against terrorism, cross-border crime and illegal emigration.

According to the Tunis Declaration, the signatories pledge to continue coordination with the Libyan political actors in order to help them to overcome the obstacles they face.

According to the same statement, the results of the meeting of the foreign ministers of Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt should be submitted to the leaders of the three countries in anticipation of the tripartite summit scheduled soon in Algiers.

Concluded on December 17, 2015 in the Moroccan city of Skhirat, the Libyan political agreement provides for the formation of a government of national accord in Libya and the organisation of legislative elections after a transitional phase of two years.


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