Italy deports two over suspected contact with Berlin attacker Europe

Italy has deported two Tunisian asylum seekers who have been classed as a danger to national security, the Interior Ministry in Rome said on Saturday.

One of the two is thought to have been in contact with Anis Amri, the Tunisian national who carried out a terrorist attack on a Berlin Christmas market in December.

The 44-year-old is thought to have met the prospective attacker in June 2015 while staying with another man from Tunisia. That man has since landed in jail in Italy.

Amri deliberately ploughed a hijacked truck into a crowded market in the German capital on December 19, killing a dozen people. He was killed four days later in a shoot-out with police outside Milan.

After arriving in Italy as an asylum seeker in 2011, Amri spent four years in jail their for various offences.

It is unclear whether he fled from Berlin to Italy in the wake of the attack because he still had contacts in his former host country.

The Italian Interior Ministry says that 147 suspected extremists have been deported from the country since January 2015.


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