Berlin earmarks €250mn for Tunisia economic development: Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Friday that her country had earmarked 250 million euros to support rural development and vocational training in Tunisia.

The German Chancellor stressed her country’s will to help Tunisia to meet the economic challenges, commending the skill and potential of young Tunisians in various sectors. She announced the opening in the coming period of a training office for unemployed young people in requested specialties in order to promote their chances on the labour market.

This decision was announced at the end of the meeting of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday afternoon in Tunis.

Besides, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Tunisia and Germany are determined to fight terrorism, “an intercontinental crime that threatens all countries on an equal footing”, asserting that the improvement of the economic situation will remove the Carpets under the feet of terrorists who mislead young people “.

Speaking to the house of People’s Representatives’ (HPR) at an extraordinary session, Merkel reiterated that “improving growth and economic conditions will save young people from despair and recourse to Illegal immigration in Europe “.

In another connection,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted the importance her country attaches to the repatriation of illegal Tunisians in Germany, whose number stands at 1,500, either voluntarily or through compulsory measures. The negotiations under way on this issue have been positive and will have positive results, she said.

On an official visit to Tunisia, the German Chancellor, during a press conference following her meeting with President Béji Caid Essebsi, emphasised the need to give new opportunities to Tunisians who return to their country.

She said that the German Minister of Economic Development participated in the opening of a migration consulting centre and that Germany will try to take into account the needs of Tunisia and provide between 14 and 15 million Euros to help Tunisians returning to their country.


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