Tunisian guide honoured for saving Italian lives at Bardo museum

Earlier this week, Hamadi ben Abdesslem, the Tunisian guide who saved 45 Italian tourists during the 2015 terrorist attack by Isis on the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, was honoured in in the Garden of the Righteous, a new commemorative site in Milan.

A plaque paying tribute to Ben Abdesslem was also unveiled last summer in the Garden of the Righteous in Tunis located in the grounds of the Italian Embassy.

According to Italian press reports, Ben Abdesslem met some of the people in Milan whom he led to safety during the attack. He told the Italian newspaper La Stampa last year: “I know the museum very well and found an alternative corridor through which I led the people; I made them go out, passing through the park behind, and left them safely in a police station. I am a practicing Muslim… the only thing I have learned from my religion is to love one another.”

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