Why not a code of ethics between politicians to limit hate and fake news?

Within the domestic political climate full of hate, gossip and lies…, Tunisian people begin to lose faith in politicians and politics .This is  very dangerous for a Nation  set to build its volatile democratic transition with enthusiasm.

The escalation and tensions on TV channels  which constantly occurred between some well known politicians as well as the leaks of fake or  correct news about their attitudes or behaviours , such as the last leak of a video of an inner meeting led by Hafedh Caid Essebssi.

These samples do not give us a good picture of them, but rather a bad image, which harms their positions and reputations.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost interest in political TV programme, due to the live disputes and shouting between some politicians and due to their conviction that politicians do not really take interest in their basic problems.

In addition to young people who turn away from politics, other different generations feel disgusted of politicians and politics. All this indicators do not give us the trust of activists in the national political landscape.

So,  just as there was a code of ethical conduct for political parties during election campaigns, we also hope to find a code of ethics, which is upheld by all to limit the level of abuses and at the same time to unmask all kind of misconduct, in order to purify the political atmosphere, to adjust it and to keep an effective contribution of politicians for an affirmative and purposeful  action, which  requires for them to move forward in this delicate circumstances instead of wasting time to provoke crises.

Ben Rhouma Chedli



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