Mark Hamill shares the first ever photo of Luke Skywalker

IT MIGHT not be throwback Thursday but Mark Hamill was definitely feeling a little nostalgic, taking to Twitter to post an adorable vintage photo.

The photo in question is of the actor as his iconic Star Wars character Luke Skywalker which Hamill believes was “the very first Luke pic”.

The original Star Wars hit screens back in 1977 and would go on to gross $US775 million and earn ten Academy Award nominations, winning seven.

The early scenes from the movie were, as Hamill wrote, shot in Tunisia for two weeks.

The African nation acted as the desert planet and Skywalker’s home Tatooine.

Despite the seemingly happy photo, the production in Tunisia was plagued with problems.

British cinematographer Gilbert Taylor was hired to achieve Star Wars’ iconic fantastical look and spoke to The American Society of Cinematographersabout how they barely got the desert shots.

“The production was hampered by inclement weather — the first rain there in years — and you couldn’t really see where the land ended and the sky began,” Taylor said.

“It was all a grey mess, and the robots were just a blur.”

Hamill’s throwback photo isn’t the first time he’s won hearts on Twitter.

When his friend and Star Wars sister Carrie Fisher died in December last year, the actor took to Twitter to pay tribute to his co-star.

The Star Wars franchise quickly became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon after the original movie was released.

To date the franchise is valued at more than $US41 billion with a number of anthology films still to come.

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