Tunis International book fair

The Tunis International book fair is set to open on March 25 in El Kram Exhibition Center (Tunisian suburb). As an exceptional event for the lovers of books and titles,  the book fair offers them the chance to communicate with prominent writers and to find out beautiful titles while it is for others an opportunity to celebrate culture and to assess the book industry.

Traditionally, in every session local media endeavour to carry out media coverage and follow-up of senior visitors, writers and creators.  Furthermore it spotlight new literally, scientific, historical and other genre of  books, as well as a focus on lectures, dialogues and debates, which take place under the dome of  the fair, with  renowned personalities in the fields of culture and thought nationwide and  worldwide.

But there are other important persons as soldiers, behind the success of the previous sessions unfortunately we forget them despite their strong role.

In fact, Dr. Chokri  Mabkhout, director of this session is a famous  author, who made headlines after winning the Poker Prize and  known as president of Manouba University, has also a deep knowledge and experience in the administration field.

Besides, he is aware of the reality of culture and its problems. These factors will contribute to embrace the success of this bet.

But, as Lisa Lutoff-Perlo  President & CEO of Celebrity Cruises said “None of us are as good alone as we are with an amazing team of people”, so the  amazing team  who share with Dr. Mabkhout the enthusiasm and determination to achieve the hoped for success are far away from media.

I seize the opportunity to mention the efforts and commitments of its members, namely Abdelhamid Merai, Hassen Jendoubi” Am Hassen”, Imed and others.

Ben Rhouma Chedly


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