French PM to visit Algeria, Tunisia in early April

French Prime Minister Bernard Kasnov is to fly to Algeria from April 5 to 7, where he will discuss economic and industrial addresses and Tunisia where he will discuss the fight against terrorism.

Kasnov said he would meet with his Algerian counterpart Abdelmalek Sallal, and he would praise the improved relations between the two countries, which had been strained in the former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s term and became “excellent” under François Hollande.

Algeria’s visit will be dominated by economic and industrial issues. Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valles visited Algeria in April 2016. Seyzour Kasnov of Tunisia will meet on April 6 and 7, where his counterpart Youssef will meet with him and discuss with him the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Vales visited Tunisia in November 2016, where he attended a donor conference in support of Tunisian democracy, which faced jihadist attacks.

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