Tunisian-German project for waste recycling

A large delegation from the German city of Rostock last Tuesday began three-day working visit to Bizerte.

This is part of the implementation of the Friendship and Co-operation Agreement established between the two cities and in anticipation of the launch of a joint project on the conversion of organic waste into fertilizers.

Members of the delegation led by Senator Holger Mätthaus learned about development issues in the region, major projects carried out or planned by the State, and opportunities for co-operation between Bizerte and Rostock.

They visited landfills and waste collection centers at “Cité Landlous”, El Massida and Beni Nafaa where they learned about the waste management system in the region.

The friendship and cooperation agreement between the two cities was signed in Berlin on February 14, 2017 during Prime Minister Youssef Chahed’s visit to Germany.

Rostock is a large city located to the north of Germany on the Baltic Sea coast.

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