Tunisia to host tourism trade shows

From April 5 to 8, five exhibitions focusing on tourism and leisure will be held at the Tunis convention center in the capital.

Tunisia’s capital, Tunis, will host five simultaneous exhibitions focusing on tourism and leisure. The Tourism Trade Shows will take place from April 5 to 8 at the Kram Exhibition Park, the city’s convention center, according to Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) news agency .

The event includes five fairs at the same time: Tourism International Market (M.I.T.), promoting destinations, travel agencies, hotels and other tourism operators; Horeca Expo, of hotel and restaurant equipment and services; Spa Expo, of well-being; Boat Show, of nautical products; and Golf & Sports Show, of sports equipment and services.

The event’s theme will be “the rebound of Tunisian tourism.” The activity is a primary driver of Tunisia’s economy, and one of the country’s key sources of revenue. The industry has struggled with weak demand since 2011, when the so-called Jasmine Revolution, which triggered the Arab Spring, put an end to Zine El Abdine Ben Ali’s two decade-plus rule. The scenario deteriorated further after two terror attacks targeted tourists in 2015, in Tunis and in the beach city of Sousse.

TAP reported that the expos will feature 100 exhibitors from Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, Cameroon, and Congo, covering industries such as hotels, leisure, transportation, cultural and health tourism.

The events’ organizer Afif Kchouk said tourism is bouncing back this year, and that the exhibitions are meant to make that a sustained trend.


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