NHRC holds calligraphy exhibition in Tunisia

Chairman of National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Dr Ali bin Sumaikh al-Marri said yesterday that the Arabic calligraphy exhibition on human rights in Islamic culture included a wide range of art work that showed the link between Islam and the universal declaration of human rights as well as other international accords on the issue.
The exhibition was organised by the NHRC on the sidelines of the 34th meeting of the of Arab Interior Ministers Council in Tunisia.
The goal of the exhibition was to emphasise the commitment to advance human rights, as well as raising awareness on Islamic principles related to the issue.
He noted that the exhibition was organised last year in the United Nations Office in Geneva and in France, where it was well received.
Al-Marri said that Islam was committed to human rights and called for respecting people’s dignity and freedoms.
Al-Marri added that the central message of Islam was one of justice and equality, one that forbids racism and discrimination.
Al-Marri also said that Islam guaranteed political, economic, and social rights of people centuries ago.
Al-Marri added that Islam also called for having people of different races and religions live together in peace.


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