Deal solved illegal arrivals

Moez Sinaoui tells ANSA Forum only 1,204 Tunisians last year

Rome, April 12 – Tunisia’s Ambassador to Rome Moez Sinaoui told an ANSA Forum on Wednesday that an agreement between Italy and Tunisia on migration has effectively solved the problem of illegal arrivals from that North African nation.
“Thanks to the agreement with Italy to manage the flows, illegal immigration from Tunisia is no longer a problem,” Sinaoui said.
“The agreement has been respected by both sides – the control of the coasts on our side, the supply of motorboats by Italy. “In 2016 there were just 1,204 illegal Tunisians in Italy out of a total of 180,000, practically nothing, and they were all repatriated. “It is necessary to give hope to young Tunisians, to make it possible for them to find work and be inserted into the legal migration systems”. Sinaoui added that he was confident the security situation had improved in Tunisia, following several big terrorist attacks in 2015.
“Things on the security front are going better. We have not had attacks in the last two years,” he said.
“But the truth is that no city in the world is safe and can say it is out of the terrorists’ sights. “We have passed laws to prevent terrorism and to stop the return of fighters from the Middle East.
“Things are going better for tourism too, although not (for holidaymakers) from Italy, after the (March 2015) Bardo Museum attack, in which (four) Italians were among the victims.
“We have to rebuild trust and working together is the best way to do that”.

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