Tunisia exports 50 thousand tons of olive oil to end of March

Tunisia has exported 50 thousand tons of olive oil, worth 500 million dinars (MD), from the beginning of the season (November) till the end of March.

The objective is to export 70 thousand tons with a value of 700 MD, said National Oil Board CEO Chokri Bayoudh, adding that olive oil production during this season (2016/2017) is expected to reach 100 thousand tons.

This quantity remains below the average recorded over the last decade, which reached 180 thousand tons, the official noted.

 He explained the decline in production compared with the past season (140 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons of which were exported generating revenues worth 700 MD), by weather conditions that impacted the production rate.

With regard to packaged olive oil, he said 10 thousand tons have been sold on external markets on a total quantity of 50 thousand tons, or 20%.

Exports of packaged olive oil rose to 20 thousand tons in the 2011-2016 period, compared with 7 thousand tons during the 2006/2011 period.

Bayoudh said that the aim is to export 40,000 tons of packaged olive oil in the next period (2016/2020), compared to 20,000 tons currently.

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