Tunisian regulator boosts mobile internet safeguards

The Tunisian telecoms authority INT (Instance Nationale des Telecommunications) has published a new ruling concerning how mobile operators can commercialise their data tariffs in the consumer market. The new rules, which modify and complement previous measures published in 2014, aim to protect consumers by imposing greater transparency in the way pricing information is advertised and on the conditions of the offers.

Among the main changes, the regulator is requesting that operators clearly state the data allowance included in their tariffs, ruling that the presence of a data cap must prevent them from using the term “unlimited” in all their marketing. Stricter guidelines are also in force to protect prepaid users, while post-paid plans including 25 GB or more should offer a reduced bandwidth of 256 kbps when the data limit is reached. The regulator has also set the minimum tariffs for four data tiers, ranging from 25 GB to 55 GB.


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