Qatar, Tunisia cooperation highlighted

Tunisian Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Salma Loumi Rkik, said a number of new Qatari tourist projects will be established in Tunisia along with other projects that are currently underway.
Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday on the occasion of her visit to Doha, the Tunisian minister said there are tourism projects in Tunisia for Qatari investors, including a mega tourist project worth $300 million underway, according to Qatar News Agency (QNA).

Tunisian minister said her visit to Qatar also aims to promote her country as a tourism destination for Qataris thanks to its natural and civilizational features, with nearly 40,000 historical sites and a coastline that extends for 1,200 kilometres.

She said that Tunisia is a major destination for health tourism, with nearly 500,000 people visiting it every year for health and cosmetic services in the different Tunisian hospitals and centres, which is, she added, a tourism type that Gulf citizens may wish to learn about and in return Tunisia wants to promote.

Rkik highlighted the depth of Tunisian-Qatari cooperation ties that saw great progress in the past five years, which was evident in the intensity of exchanged visits among senior officials of both countries since 2011.

The Tunisian official said such visits helped in pushing forward the existing strong ties between the two fraternal countries and creating a quantum leap in terms of bilateral cooperation, particularly at the level of Qatari financial and investment support for Tunisia, with Doha becoming the biggest Arab investor in Tunisia and the second internationally behind France.

Up to 3 million Arab tourists visited Tunisia in 2016, making up nearly a half of the total number of tourists, with Algerian and Libyan tourists leading the list, QNA reported.


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