Protesters rally in Habib Bourguiba Avenue against bill on economic reconciliation

(TAP) – A protest was staged on Saturday at Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the capital against the bill on economic and financial reconciliation.

Protesters, who rallied outside the Tunis Municipal Theatre, reaffirmed their categorical opposition to the draft law on reconciliation, saying it violates, in many respects, the Constitution, the Transitional Justice Act and the process of establishing the truth.

In a statement distributed during the protest movement called “Manich Msemah” (I will not forgive), the protesters called on the national and democratic forces opposing this bill to coordinate efforts to counter it.

The campaign “Manich Msemah,” bringing together more than 30 organisations, associations and politicians, said it declared a “state of popular emergency” against the draft law on reconciliation proposed by the President of the Republic in July 2015.

The parliamentary committee on general legislation last Wednesday heard Chief of Staff of the President Slim Azzabi on the draft organic law on economic and financial reconciliation.


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