Can ‘Star Wars’ revive Tunisia’s tourism?

Tunisia’s National Tourist Office, on Saturday, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the shooting of the first part of “Star Wars” film, in several tourist sites in the governorate of Tozeur and more precisely in the region of Ong el Jmal that still keeps the decor of that film.

The festivals and events manager Zied Chargui said the festivities included a parade of costumes of the film’s characters and weapons used. That parade toured the main avenue of the city until the ancient city, passing by the Independence Square.

Several tourists and fans of the film took part in the parade, which was organised in coordination with about twenty people among fans of the film in Germany.

“At the same time, promotional short videos have been shot in the region and will be broadcasted on electronic sites and social networks, in order to publicize the region and more precisely the site of Ong El Jmal,” he said, adding that office intends to take this opportunity to promote the governorate of Tozeur as a tourist destination.

In the same framework, regional delegate of tourism in Tozeur, Anouar Chetoui pointed to the tourist dynamics that the region experienced during the first three months of the year, marked by an increase in the number of tourists and the volume of reservations.


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