Tunisian olive oil Olivko wins Gold Award in New York International Olive Oil Competition

Tunisian olive oil “Olivko” last Thursday won the Gold Award at the world’s largest olive oil competition, held Thursday in New York, USA.

This extra virgin olive oil, extracted from the Tunisian olive variety “Chetoui”, comes from Dougga valley, an archaeological site declared a UNESCO heritage site, located at the Teboursouk delegation in Beja (northern Tunisia).

Tunisia took the leading position alongside Italy, Spain, the United States and Greece, in this competition which evaluated 910 olive oils from 27 countries.

“This award is not only for me, but for the entire Tunisian olive oil sector,” Olivko founder Karim Fitouri, was quoted as saying by an Olivko’s press release.

“This shows that our country has an enormous potential for producing high quality olive oil,” he added.


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